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Wharfedale Titan Active 12" 1200W PRG 
Wharfedale TITAN12D Active 1200W PRG 12" 2-Way ABS Moulded Speaker. Qubit processor; features true independent LF and HF signal limiting
Wharfedale Pro's Titan 12D - 1200W PRG models now use bi-amplified, Class D technology, creating a more efficient and powerful system, even lighter than the previous generation. This model also introduced Qubit, Wharfedale’s powerful and precise 24-bit 192kHz DSP processing. With advanced adaptive multi-band dynamic processing and filtering, Qubit fine tunes your system to sound natural and open.

Along with that. true independent adaptive LF and HF signal limiting helps protect the units against thermal damage and driver over-excursion. These are a quality speaker unit, in a heavy duty ABS cabinet making it suitable for many installed or touring uses. 


  • TITAN12D includes a moisture proof woofer - so they can withstand outdoor conditions. 
    > Power: 1200W PRG
    > Max SPL: 127dB
    > Power amplifier type: Dual Class D modules (LF and HF)
    > Dimensions / Weight: 556x384x312mm / 12.4Kg
    > Rating: 250W RMS + 50W RMS

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